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The Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board and the Esk District Salmon Fishery Board are responsible for salmon and sea trout management of their respective areas. The former includes the Earn, Tummel and Ericht systems; the latter encompasses both the North and South Esks. Both Boards encourage anglers to minimise their kill and if possible to release salmon and sea trout so that they can continue their journey and spawn successfully. For that reason the use of tailers and gaffs is discouraged and knotless mesh landing nets are recommended.

Trout fishing over much of the area is covered by Freshwater Protection Orders that make it illegal to fish for non-migratory species in non-tidal waters without written permission. These orders are managed by their respective Liaison Committees. Indigenous wild trout are plentiful and it is our ambition to protect and improve freshwater fishing throughout the area so that everyone may enjoy it.

Coarse fisheries are almost exclusively catch and release. Knotless keep nets are allowed at certain venues but anglers must ensure the well being of their catch.

All anglers are asked to ensure that they adhere to catch limits, if possible release wild fish unharmed and to make catch returns. Returns are vital to the management of the resource and will make our great fishing opportunities even better in the future. Please help us to improve your future sporting prospects.

Still water fisheries have their own rules regards catch and release etc. Most are regularly stocked and specifically intended to allow anglers to retain catches without endangering wild fish. There is therefore no conservation-based reason to release fish at these venues.

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