Catch and Release Recommendations


Catch and Release Recommendations

 Catch and Release Recommendations    
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Barbless hooks cause least the damage to fish and anglers are requested to use them whenever appropriate. Avoid using treble hooks because they can be difficult to remove.

Always use tackle that is strong enough to bring fish to hand quickly and avoid overtiring them by playing them longer than is absolutely necessary.

Use knotless mesh landing nets, to avoid damage to the fish’s eyes, gills, fins and body.

Never use gaffs or tailers or drag fish ashore, these methods cause unnecessary injury to fish.

Wet your hands before handling live fish to avoid damaging their protective slime.

Keep the fish in the water, let it breath clean water. Taking a fish from the water after playing it is like asking you to run a half marathon then hold your breath for five minutes!

Measure the fish against your rod or carry a soft measuring tape if you want to estimate its weight. Take its length and girth and check it against the formula.

Take a photograph to show your friends and if you wish to show our visitors send us a picture for inclusion on the site, supporting the fish carefully from below and remove it from the water only very briefly. Never suspend a fish by its tail – this can seriously damage its spine.

Hold the fish gently facing the current; support it from beneath until it recovers sufficiently for a safe release.

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