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If you have a question that you would like to ask about fishing in Tayside or if you just want advice from one of our angling experts please do not hesitate to use the simple angling information request form.

 What kind of fishing is there in Tayside?    
Tayside has an enormous choice of fishing and fishing venues. Everything from the United Kingdom’s largest river to tiny streams and from man made ponds to enormous deep lochs, all of them have fish, plenty fish. Add the richly varied sea coast of Angus and it is obvious why this Heartland of Scotland is famous for its angling opportunities. So be your choice wild brown trout, sea trout, salmon, grayling, charr, rainbow trout, coarse or sea fish Tayside will not disappoint you.

 Is there somewhere I can take the kids fishing? toptop    
Fishing is a family game in which several generations can participate. Children love nothing better than the freedom of the countryside and the excitement of meeting their first richly coloured and brightly spotted wild trout. There are lots of lochs and smaller rivers where the kids can explore and enjoy the open air. If they really must catch something and the wary wild fish successfully avoid their best efforts then there are several fisheries with special pools for children fishing in safety and with every chance of success.

 Who sells fishing permits? toptop    
There are a large number of outlets for fishing permits nearly all of which are listed in the guide book which is available from TICs and a number of tackle shops. Or you can order a guide book by mail order.

 How much does it cost? toptop    
Angling in Tayside is remarkably good value. Excellent wild brown trout fishing in rivers costs around £5 per day and often less! Boat fishing on lochs for two or three anglers can cost as little as £25 per day. Salmon fishing is more expensive and less freely available but nevertheless access to many miles of good water can be had for less than £25 per day. Prices for the famous exclusive beats of the Tay can however rise to hundreds of pounds. Details of fishing and costs are contained in the guidebook

 Can I hire tackle or waders anywhere? toptop    
Travelling anglers like to travel light but they may still enjoy their favourite pastime because several fishing tackle stores hire fishing tackle and waders for trout or salmon fishing by the day and sea fishing charter boats will supply both tackle and bait if need be. In addition many of the rainbow trout fisheries will lend tackle during your visit. If you would like to who has hire equipment near your destination email us for advice.

 Where can I go to learn fly fishing? toptop    
Several of the fisheries offer casual instruction in the basics of fly fishing. Top class professional instruction in all aspects of gamefishing including Spey casting is available in Tayside and fishing schools can be arranged for groups.

 Do I need a licence to go fishing? toptop    
Unlike England and other countries there is no fishing licence in Scotland, all you need before you go fishing in freshwater is a permit.

 Can you recommend accommodation for me? toptop    
A full range of accommodation is available from our extensive database of accredited providers and a free booking service is provided by the local Tourism Offices that are linked to the accommodation section of this site.

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Loch Leven Castle © Perthshire Tourist Board

Fishing from the river bank

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Fishing at Monikie

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