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Discovering our wealth of angling is a particularly enjoyable experience. There are few parts of the world so blessed with a variety of quality fishing venues in close proximity and so many other interesting things to do. All native salmonids are abundant, there are some great coarse fishing venues and the coast offers a wide variety of marine species.

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The mighty River Tay drainage is the largest in the United Kingdom and Ireland and home of record fish including the largest ever rod caught salmon in Britain, a monster of 64 lbs caught by Miss Georgina Ballantine on September 7 1922 and still the British Record. Although fish of this size are extremely rare, salmon in excess of 20 lbs are regularly caught from the North Esk, South Esk, Tay and Earn and fish over 30 lbs are not terribly unusual. Stories of much larger fish “the ones that got away” abound and no doubt there are many large fish that defeat the angler in Tayside. Perthshire has also held the record for the largest wild brown trout in the United Kingdom and it is very likely that Tayside will produce another record breaker in the future. Trout in excess of two pounds are not uncommon and there are much heavier specimens in the rivers and lochs and waiting to be caught. Excellent roach, perch and huge pike inhabit some of our lochs and rivers. The varied sea shore of Angus provides excellent sea fishing, especially for North Sea cod.

Within the Tayside’s rich territory of mountain, moor, farmland, seashore, cliffs and estuaries there are many great angling opportunities waiting to be discovered, explored and enjoyed.

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There are several more ways to obtain detailed information about the many trout, salmon, coarse and sea fishing opportunities that await you. Reach us by email, via any of the contacts who will be pleased to answer queries and post you a copy of the free Angling in Tayside introductory brochure or you can use our On Line Forum or visit the News Pages for the latest information and reports.

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